About Me



I’m Lisa: South African born - Adelaide based

I am owner and creative brain behind studioRAW. I am all about capturing moments. Moments that tell a story, or those laughs that crinkle your nose. Moments of connection, and LOVE!

I feel all the feels! Iʼll laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry. I love to document real emotions, connections, love and tears. To capture the REAL moments of your everyday life, just as you are!

I do REAL - relaxed and unposed. It’s all about the warm and fuzzies for me. My sessions are laid-back. There will be lots of snuggles, tickles, giggles, smooches, and the occasional game of Simon Says!

I am: documenter, world traveller, people watcher, lover of Coke Zero (not the new fake coke no sugar). I am a crazy Shark lady, I canʼt stand the cold, I wear mismatched socks, and have seen Moana like a gazillion times.

howzit /haʊzət/
exclamation (informal) 1. South African slang meaning hello, how are you and what are you up to? 2. Used as a greeting, equivalent to ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’/origin/ contraction of how is it?

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Creative HQ

Our quaint home studio can be found in the heart of the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Acoustic covers playing on Spotify and the smell of a Spiced Pumpkin Yankee Candle burning. This is where you'll find me singing Baby Shark at the top of my lungs (completely off key) just to get those cheeky little smiles and genuine laughs. 

We do our cake smashes, milestone sessions and other stylised themed sessions here.

Studio not your thing?

How about heading down to the beach where you guys met, the park he asked you to marry him, or where you had your little one's first birthday party. StudioRAW does sessions at your local park, forest or beach. Make your own suggestion or pick from some of my favourites!